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WSBC Seeks New Senior Minister

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WSBC Seeks New Senior Minister

Posted on Sun, Jun 23, 2013


Thank you for your interest. We are no longer accepting applications for the Senior Minister position at Watts St. Baptist Church.



Watts Street Baptist Church is in transition. We are looking for a senior minister.

If you are interested in being that senior minister, we created this page for you. It contains information about this church and community, what we are looking for in a minister, and how to apply for the position, should you decide to do so. We hope you find it useful. We think Watts Street Baptist Church is a special place, and we hope you will find that reflected here.


About Us and Our Vision for the Senior Minister

Click here for the Church Profile as of March, 2013. The list of current staff members is available here.

We worship with reverence, with intellect and with our hearts. Our response, which we find exciting and meaningful, follows from our worship experience--in our homes, in the community and beyond. Preaching is at the core of our worship. It is essential to us that we have preaching grounded in a deep relationship with God and that relates to our life experiences. The other duties of our senior minister may evolve and change over time, but worship will always be at the core of a successful pastorate.

The Senior Minister Profile document reflects our best judgment about what we would like to see in our next senior minister. 

It’s detailed and dense, because being a senior minister is an incredibly complex job. It’s one that no one would pursue without feeling a call from God. We know that the profile is, in part, aspirational. No single person can do everything that a senior minister needs to do all the time, with excellence. Being an exceptional preacher, pastor, prophet, leader and administrator is asking a lot. We know that, and the profile suggests how we would like to see those duties balanced. We don’t ask for perfection, but we do ask for continual growth in our senior minister, just as we aspire to continual growth ourselves.


Position Description

Pastorates at Watts Street are atypically long. Our recent senior ministers have all served around twenty years. We expect to develop deep and lasting relationships with our senior minister. It gives meaning to us and to the minister.

Please look at the Position Description document to find more information about the specific qualifications and experience the successful candidate will have. 


How to Apply

If you are interested in joining us on our journey, whether by leading in front of us, walking beside us or following behind us (and we expect our senior minister will do all three), we hope to hear from you.

Click here for details on the Application Process


Located near Duke University in Durham, NC, WSBC has about 450 active members; national affiliations with American Baptist Churches/USA, Alliance of Baptists, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; and supports the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.



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